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Plastic Industry Raw Material

Plastic Industry Raw Material
Plastic Industry Raw Material
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Product Description

 ANTISTATIC AGENT: It is a functional internal polymer agents designed to deliver outstanding antistatic, mould-release, anti-slip and anti-blooming performance for master batches and poly-olefins such as PP, PE and non-pole rubber.


 It is a benzotriazole kind of UV absorber to be used as UV stabilizer in plastic, polymer and other organic material.  It is mainly applied in styrene polymers, PVC, UP, Acrylic, PU and PC, EVA, PE, TPR.

TPU Application: Cable & wire jacked

 REINFORCING AGENT It is widely applied in any kind of plastic such as Nylon, PET,  Polyester, Epoxy,  PP…etc. to increase  its flammability,  heat, weather ability, UV protective physical and physical  reinforcement

Shining Agent for Plastisol

It can get a shining property on PVC plastisol finished.

Manufacture of PVC sleeve from liquid PVC plastisol, with dip moulding process

 PU Resin   INTRODUCTIONIt is widely applied in fiber, plastic and leather to do the surface treatment. It can get good property in gloss, solvent resistance and abrasion

 Release agent: :  It is a non-solvent type emulsion release agent with APEO free, It is applicable to rubber manufacturing, plastic injection molding and other industrial surface from the type, as a very good type of agent, diluted with water as a diluent. 

Purified Isophthalic acid:  For making saturated polyester resin and unsaturated polyester resin.We also offer:

Antimony Trioxide (ATO)

Antimony Trioxide ( catalyst 99.9% grade) :

Catalyst grade antimony trioxide is mainly used as catalyst in the polymerizationprocess for PET bottle/ fiber/ film application.

Goldensea Sb2O3 is a very high purity product with excellent E.G. solubility and extremely low  heavy metals. It is good to be used as CATALYST in polymerization of PET film and resin.


Antimony trioxide catalyst grade is the most commenly catalyst for ET/Fibres/Films production.  Used as high grade F.R in electronic Production.

 Antimony Trioxide (NANO Grade 99.9% )  It is good to be used as CATALYST  in polymerization of PET film and resin. Goldensea Sb2O3 can also be used as FLAME RETARDANT in electronics product due to its  almost lead(Pb) free, alpha raditation free and heavy metals free properties.

 Catalyst Grade Antimony Trioxide (CAT ATO)   Catalyst grade antimony trioxide is the most common catalyst for PET / Fibres / films polymerization process.

Flame Retardant Grade Antimony Trioxide (FR ATO)It is good to bewith halogen flame retardant in most of plastics and widely used for clarifier in glass  making process.

 Sodium Antimonate ; It is used as flame retardant for PET compounding and high transparent PA. It has very strong advantage of its high proportion of substance.

 Antimony Master Batch :

 M80 is made up of antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) and carrier (EVA  / LDPE /    PA / etc.). It is   designed to eliminate the inhalation of dust and skin contact of powder in producing.

  Antimony Ingot : It is applied as an alloy hardener to metallurgy, storage battery, military industry, etc. and also used as the raw material for manufacturing antimony oxide.

 NANO CATALYST 99.9% grade for PET MATERIAL. offered by us has very good physical and chemical Properties. The particle size is around 0.1um while the whiteness is > 97.5 as well as the chemical aspects like the Pb < 20ppm, As < 30ppm.