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Nano Calcium Carbonate

Nano Calcium Carbonate
Nano Calcium Carbonate
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Product Description

Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate: Special used in Adhesive & Sealant, Plastic, Ink, PVC,Rubber, Coating, Latex etc

Nano-precipitated calcium carbonate is functional inorganic filler. It’s widely used in plastic industry, Injection mould, extrusion and injecting mould, PVC profile and pipe, FRP etc. Suitable for the modification of PVC, PP, PE, ABS and HIPS. Fillers of Paint, Print ink , Plastic, Rubber, Adhesives, Pharmacy, Fodder, Paper-making, polyethylene(PE), polypropylene(PP), ABS, Building material etc.

 XTCC Special for Plastic

1.     To improve the tenacity and intensity.

2. To improve gloss and transparency.

3. To reduce the cost. As for its good dispersibility and reinforcement, on equal condition, its filling volume is 30-50% higher than the general precipitated calcium carbonate’s. Therefore it can effectively lower the cost. For example, the filler content in PVC toughening materials,HDPE modified materials and PE films are 20-30%, 25-30% and 10-40%, which is far more beyond those of general precipitated calcium carbonate.

4. To be widely used. It can be applied in varied modified plastic made from polyethylene(PE), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), polystyrene(PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene(ABS) as well as chloridized polyethylene(CPE), and it can also be applied in some small parts on the fields of producing plastic steel window, pipe materials, electrical wire skin, cable skin, refrigerator, electrical fans and air conditions.

 XTCC-201 Type: Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Surface Treatment: Stearic Acid Surface Treatment

is a super-fine calcium carbonate. With non-toxic, without excitant, tasteless, high whiteness, small particle diameter, uniform distribution, stable and reliable performance characteristic, which can be well used in Adhesives( Silicone Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesive, Lamp Adhesive), Sealant, PE, PVC, Plastic and Rubber field etc.

Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate due to the size effect, high gloss, low wear rate, surface modification and other characteristics, which have excellent performance than ordinary Calcium Carbonate. In the field of plastic, Nano Precipitated CaCO3 is mainly used in PVC profiles, PVC Pipes, Cable etc. and suitable for use in engineering plastics modification, PP, PE, PA, PC, etc. Etc.